I'm a dealer of love
I shoot people around me
I distribute the good mood
I'm laughing my sarcasm

The feelings are my weapons
My gestures ammunition
I have a range of emotions
Couples are my battlefield

No killing, no police investigation
Each story ends well
My heart can not be at war
My kisses as bombs rain down

Who could stop
My only crime will love
And mobile, the happiness of others
The verdict will necessarily in my favor

The strength of my arms is to seduce
My commandments are strong
The metal-like hugs
The violence transformed into tenderness

Who would want to pierce me,
An arrow of Cupid?
I turn to my grave,
Mad love for my best enemy

A little violence pacifist
Feel the danger of waking up next to her
One day, one night, scanning the horizon
The uncertain future of humans on Earth